Technology & Quality

Processo Produtivo

Warehouse – It’s the beginning of the process where the fiber (raw material) is stored in the form of piles according its classification.

Selection and Brushing – At this stage the fiber goes trough a process in brushing machines to come out clean, soft and patterned size. It is even done a selection procedure where all duty, barks, dark and short fiber is taken out.

Preparation – This first stage of industrialization is made of carding fiber machines, worldwide known as “Goods”, and fusing machines that makes a combing process. In the real beginning of all the process fiber sheaves are laid in the Good with precise weight and standard machine feed speed. This sisal sheaf turn into long and regular fuses that are able now to become thread.

Spinnery – At this time the Spinning machines turn the fuses into thread. The sheaves go trough a stretch and twist to become twine, than bobbin machines makes the twines to be shaped in coil.

Weaving – At this stage the sisal cloth is produced with the yarns. They are weaved alternately crossing in a perpendicular way. The cloth weave machine demands a thin and high quality twine, no oiled and with constant twist that is defined according the thread thickness. This twine is manufactured on a specific spinning machine, which requires a very clean sheaf.

Review – It’s the phase where the sisal cloth goes trough a cloth bobbin machine to be repassed and the faults are corrected.

Inspection – Final act to make sure visually that the entire product is just right, in case the review had any fail.

Storage / Expedition – It is the last stage and the product is already packed and stored, so they go to expedition.