Sisal Pads

The Sisal Pads assure more economy in relation to the foam (density and thickness).

By using sisal, the mattress and upholstery industries can obtain a substantial economy on the cost of the foam, and also raise the resistance and quality of your product, in addition, makes it unnecessary any other material on the foam.

With a very well braided Sisal Pads, you can replace several pads decreasing this way the production expenses.

The pads are cut on the measure required by the clients, within the following pattern:

Width: From 400 mm to 2100 mm / 15,748 to 82,677 (inches)
Length: Indefinite
Weight: From 800 g/m² hasta 1.600 g/m²

Note: The pads are supplied cutted to desired measures.

Production Capacity: 350/400 tons/month

-Packages with 25 pads (upholstered)
-Rolls With 5 pads (mattresses)
-Bales with 60 pressed pads.

We have our own plants for processing of fiber, which allows our pads to be manufactured with premium quality fiber. Furthermore, we have modern machinery and sewing machines, which makes our pads superior as far as correctness of weight uniformity and sewing.