Mixed Natural Fiber Pads: Sisal + Coconut

With this brand new SISALL EXCLUSIVE product, your mattress and upholstered will get enormous strength and durability, since the sisal + coconut together allow greater protection to the foam with low price, bringing greater cost benefit to your final product. Our mixed natural fiber pads are applied in the manufacture of mattresses and upholstered between the foam and spring .

Raw material: 100% natural fiber, with 40% coconut fiber and 60% sisal fiber without adding any chemical or water in the manufacturing process.


-Weight: from 1.000 to 1.400 g/m²

-Width: from 0,30m to 2m

-Length: undefined

Note: The pads can be cut according to your needs.

Production capacity: 350/400 tons/month


-Packed with 25 blankets (stuffing)

– Rollers with 5 pads (for mattresses)

– Pressed bales with 60 pads