Sisal Yarns (Twine)

Due to technical features such as high strength and uniformity, the Sisal yarns have unique quality, which means they can be used to various applications in agriculture, animal husbandry, handicrafts, packings and varied moorings. The yarns are furthermore used in the manufacture of fabrics, bags, mats, bags, brushes and decorative objects in general.

The Baler Twine is an agricultural yarn produced exclusively for the export market, considering “export quality” and commonly used by farmers in order to tie the bales of hay, straw of corn etc. It is produced in orange, green and natural colors and identified as Gold, Green and Natural.

Baler 9000 - Gold - 9kg
Baler 9000 - Green - 9kg
Sisal Twine 10.10
Sisal Twine 200m/kg - 3ply - bob 5lb
Sisal Twine 200m/kg - 1 ply
Ball - 600mkg - 2ply - 2,2kg
Many-End Coil 2 ply - 200m/kg