Sisal Rope

The sisal ropes first appeared in 1830, replacing hemp. Possessing a high toughness and elasticity, sisal ropes react better to saltwater, therefore widely used in marine applications.

In the manufacturing process of sisal ropes, we carefully separate the genuine and new fibers which will not suffer any kind of alteration, with uniformity and free of defects. At the end of the process, it undergoes through a special lubricant treatment, which aims to soften and lubricate the fibers, creating a shield in the filaments and causing the sisal rope a better resistance to moisture.

Because of its resistance to moisture and weathering, some boats prefer sisal rope. Besides being used in marine environments, the sisal rope is also used in decoration and crafts. To be resistant to sunlight and have lesser extent, the sisal rope is also excellent for tying some types of packages in addition to being biodegradable.

Sisal Rope 6mm
Sisal Rope 8mm
Sisal Rope 10mm
Brown Sisal Rope 10mm
Brown Sisal Rope 12mm
Sisal Rope 44mm