Sisal Geo Textile

The Sisal Geotextile is a dehydrated interlaced meshed sisal, stitched and covered by a photo-degradable polypropylene mesh.

It is applied on cuts or landfill sites. It prevents surface erosion, keeps the soil moist and shaded, thus aiding in faster germination.

Provides immediate protection against the effect of the erosive agents, rains, processes of displacement and mobilization of particles such as newly bulldozed areas, cut and fill slopes, non-stabilized dunes, river banks and watercourses, areas with poor coverage of vegetation, protection of drainage devices, disposal areas of industrial waste, landfills and any bare soil surfaces against the action of erosion.

Provides good anchorage of seeds and fertilizers, avoiding slippage of applied materials.

It is a product made of biodegradable material, environmentally friendly that will be incorporated into the soil, increasing fertility.

Advantages Sisal Geotextile x Coconut Geotextile

-Greater Mechanical resistance

-Stimulates the semi-arid northeast economy

-More efficient germination

-Lower Cost

-Lower heat absorption by keeping the soil hydrated

-Water x fiber absorption in a scale of 5/1